Water Mitigation & Damage Restoration

Leaking roofs cause water damage. Don't worry - Bros. can repair that, too.

There's no way to sugarcoat it: a roof leak means you have water damage. Bros. Roofing has IICRC-certified technicians on their crew who will be able to provide the water damage restoration you'll need in your home's interior while our roofers work to repair the roof damage that caused it in the first place.

Roof Repair & Water Damage Restoration Services

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  • Fast Structural Dryout to Avoid Mold Growth
  • Full-Service Project Management
  • IICRC-Certified Water Damage Technicians
  • Moisture Detection & Mapping
  • Specializing in Water Damage Insurance Claims

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Water Damage Restoration FAQ

How do I know if my roof leak caused serious damage?

A trained water cleanup technician will document the extent of your roof leak using moisture meters and sometimes infrared imagery to map how far the water spread. From there, we'll be able to tell what structures and materials were damaged. Often we'll need to remove wet insulation and drywall in order to dry out the affected area. If your roof was leaking for a long time without being noticed, the damage may be more subtle but also more extensive.

Why can't I just have you repair the roof and be done with it?

You can, but it's always best to take care of the whole problem rather than slap a bandaid on. The roof will need to be repaired to prevent future damage, but the current damage will need to be addressed. Water damage, if left on its own, will cause mold growth and your structures may begin to rot. Drying out the space as fast as possible will prevent that, and homeowners rarely have access to the type of equipment that can accomplish it.

Is the water damage restoration covered by my homeowner's insurance policy?

Nearly all water damage caused by sudden failures is covered. If you roof was damaged by a weather event or a falling tree, your homeowner's insurance will likely cover the roof repairs as well as the water damage restoration. If the roof was leaking due to the age of the roof, the damage is considered "gradual," and your coverage will probably not extend to cover the repair or restoration costs. Ask your insurance agent about your "dwelling" or "all perils" policy for clarification.

Why does my roof leak when it rains?

Outside of obvious damage from hail, high winds, or debris, roofs can leak for a number of other reasons. Skylights and chimneys are vulnerable spots for roofs if the flashing was installed incorrectly or simply degrades over time. Ventilation fan ducts can also provide an opportunity for rain to enter the house, especially during heavy rains. Bros. Roofing & Repairs LLC will take all of that, and more, into consideration during your free roof inspection.

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