Sunday 15 May 2022

Roofing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

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A roof is just a roof, right? Wrong! Roofs are not only the first line of defense for you home, but also hide some interesting history and stories. Did you know any of these fun facts about roofs before reading this article?

As you can imagine, roofs have been around a very long time. The oldest roofing materials in the world are thatch, clay, and stone. Thatch was used between 5000 and 1800 B.C. Clay tiles can be traced all the way back to around 10,000 BC! Our technologies have come a long way since those days!

Interlocking techniques for roofing products go back as far back as 10,000 B.C in China. We still practice this method today in the modern application of roofs and their materials. This allows for a tighter and more sealed fit to prevent any leaks getting through the roofing material.

Green or living roofs are making a comeback in the 21st century! This practice dates back many centuries and can actually help keep homes cool or warm and prevent leaks when installed properly! Plus – beautiful flowers and gardens add an additional benefit.

Did you know 75% of American homes have asphalt shingles even though they are considered one of the newest roofing technologies out there? Invented in the 1900s, asphalt shingles are an inexpensive and durable option for many roofs, that’s why so many North American homes use them!

New roofs are proven to increase your profit when selling a home! Having a brand new, sturdy roof can increase the value of your home by almost $10,000! A roof is always a great investment.

Don’t be fooled, a flat roof isn’t truly “flat”. These types of roofs will typically have around ¼ inch slant to allow them to drain water or other precipitation off the roof. A truly flat roof would be too heavy and disastrous for drainage, no matter where you live!

Knowing the fun facts and history of roofs can help you understand the science and purpose behind each product and service we offer. Our team goes out of our way to make sure we are providing the best options for our clients based on research (and a little fun)!

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