Friday 15 October 2021

How to Know If Your Roof Needs Repair

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Despite being such a crucial aspect of a home, the roof rarely gets the attention it needs. Homeowners tend to overlook roofing repair as something they can ‘do later.’ But putting off timely repairs causes the damage to exacerbate, leading to expensive replacements. That’s why it’s so crucial not to overlook the initial signs indicating that it’s time for roof repair.

But before you make a trip to the hardware store, remember that it’s not the type of home renovation you can fix yourself. Scheduling an appointment with roofing experts is the best way to determine the condition of your home’s roof. Experienced and competent experts can help you determine the cause behind the problem and provide suitable solutions.

How to Know If Your Roof Needs Repair?

A damaged roof often shows multiple signs of wear and tear when you look at it or climb up the roof. Many roofing issues may seem trivial or small but can turn into potential problems if you fail to address them on time. Take a look at these signs that indicate your roof needs repair.

Falling Shingles

Falling shingles are a common sign that your roof has faced some serious structural damage. Factors like improper installation, high stormy winds, and old age may lead to loose or falling shingles. Missing shingles from the roof weaken the structure and expose the house to the elements.

Missing Granules

You can spot damaged shingles easily if you examine them from the ground level. Most often, missing shingles are the result of storm or hail damage, old and aging shingles. Plus, if the shingles are defective, it can lead to further damages.

Keep in mind that granules in the shingles play several important roles. Typically, they serve the given purpose.  

            •           Protects from UV rays

            •           Maintains curb appeal

            •           Offers instant fire resistance

Missing granules lead to defective and damaged shingles that make roof repair essential.

Curled Shingles Tabs

It is a must to inspect the slopes of the roof to assess the shingle’s conditions. If you notice curls or cupped shingles, it is a telltale that they are old and damaged.  

Repairing them is important because curled or cupped shingles are fragile and prone to damage, which makes them prone to cracking. Repairing them as soon as possible can help prevent damage and leaks.  

It doesn’t end here as you need to be vigilant of other signs that include ceiling staining and leaks, paint blistering, and roof deck sagging. These are some more inevitable signs that show you need roof repair.

Your roof does a lot: from sheltering you against the elements to giving you a sense of privacy, it does it all. Opting for regular roof repairs aids in enhancing your roof’s lifespan and avoiding expensive replacements.